Name: Elyse Burrell
Comment: My family have just brought a leonberger her name is Tia and is very large she is not even 1 yet.But shes got so big that she can jump other the fence. Im glad that the leonberger being such a rare breed gets lots of strokes and hugs from strangers because they are so beautifal. I really liked your website. Elyse Burrell Age 11.

Name: Caroline
Comment: Congratulations from Tasha!!! I love helping Mummy with the gardening - i've tried eating the gloves to make them fit!!

Name: Lyn Kinsey
Comment: Viewed your site courtesy of mandazz. Am the proud owner of Mandazz Saphire, delighted with her - very impressed with the care and attention given to her by Mandy and Dazz, hope I don't get too addicted. Lyn

Name: Marion Burns
Comment: Lovely pictures of dogs really enjoying themselves. Can't wait for my expected puppy in the Summer. Marion.

Name: Glenda Smith
Comment: Catherine, nice site. Like the dogs. It will be good to see photographs of your new additions to your kennel. Good luck for the future. Hope you make a champion up in 2004!!! Best Wishes Glenda Smith Vannroy

Name: joan rushby
Comment: Hi kate, hope you and the dogs are well, your site is coming on nicely, lets have some names on the photo album, the dogs sure do seem to enjoy their new home and lets be seeing you out and about with them next year, take care love to you all, i will be in touch soon bye for now,.... joan, JOCOLDA LEONBERGERS

Name: Tash
Comment: Hi everybody! For those of you who don't know me I helped Kate when the pups were born, so I've known all your dogs from tiny puppies. Please email me when you email Kate with progress reports (and Photos) as I'd love to know how they're all doing and maybe even visit them with Kate. Kate - the website is great. I'll send you some piccies of the pups when I have a spare minute. Say hi to Andy and Alanna and everyone over there (especially the girls)