Welcome to Breidden Leonbergers

This Web Site is now dedicated to Hermione
( Mandazz Emerald) who sadly passed away on the 22nd April 2008 age 3.1/2.
She was diagnosed with Hereditary Cataract in December 2007 and lost her sight in
March this year, soon after followed a very progressive (LP)Leonberger Polyneuropathy
and within 6 weeks she could not stand or eat.

Mini was my best friend she came to work with me everyday, enjoyed swimming,
camping and sailing although she never would get out of the boat to learn life saving!

She gave birth to 6 adorable puppies whose spirits live on through her.

I have updated the photos which is now a tribute to minis short but full life.

God Rest Her Soul and all other Leonbergers who are with her now.

Fun facts about Leonbergers

A dog is one's best friend, you must have heard this a thousand times, but you will only feel it and understand what it means once you get one and start spending time with it. Dogs are always there for us, love us unconditionally and are so silly and funny, whatever they do, they still make it somehow look adorable. Dogs give all the love back, which is the most amazing thing about them. But not every breed is the same, some of them enjoy it to just lay down and have a lazy personality, while others are overprotective or so full of energy, no one can keep their pace.

The perfect mix of all those features can be found in a Leonberger dog, which are quite friendly, protective, but know how to realize when there is no danger. Leonbergers also enjoy to play, but are not on their legs all the day, so their tempo can be followed pretty well. For socializing you could not pick a better dog, and if you go out to meet your escort Paris, bring this dog with you. It will have amazing manners if well trained and play on your side to impress the girl. Your escort Paris will like it, for sure.

Leonbergers, also called Leos, got their name from the city they were first bred and not because of their similarity to lions. The year this breed was first mentioned is 1830 and the one who brought and actually created it is Henrich Essig. He wanted a breed which would be good around the family and with kids, but also one that could be trained quite well. At the end he did good, because the Leonbergers are just like that.

Although Leonbergers don't seem to have much energy and don't jump around all the time, these dogs have a huge appetite and eat a lot. But once you get them on your training you will see where all those calories go. They are amazing training companions and love to get outside, run and be with their owners all the time.

For many reasons, these dogs are very expensive, not only when you get them, but also when you think of all the food they will need to eat. A negative thing is the fact you get a dog which lives only 8 - 10 years which is quite short than the 15 year average life span of dogs. Many of them die due to a disease that actually got the name after them. That is a neuromuscular disease called the Leonberger Polyneuropathy, short LPN, there is no definite cure for it, but therapy can help in most situation.

These dogs are life savers, and they are actually the ones you can see on beaches helping all those people and rescuing them out of water. So their profession is quite noble and your date with your escort Paris, if you take the Leonberger with you, will know to appreciate it. Dogs are generally seen as the animals who bring most of the people together, so make sure to use this opportunity to higher your chances with that beautiful escort Paris. Do it because you may never get the chance again.